Refurbished iPads

Refurbished iPads

Unlike other companies, we’re in control of the whole cycle! So we know exactly how much CO2 you save for every single device - something other sellers can only estimate!

Ready to discover your next high-quality pre-loved tablet?

Experience the world of Apple innovation with the Refurbished Apple iPad. Combining the perfect blend of power, versatility, and savings, this certified refurbished iPad opens endless possibilities for work, creativity, and entertainment. 

Your Next iPad: Certified Refurbished for Maximum Value

Stunning Retina Display: Immerse yourself in crisp, vibrant visuals on the stunning Retina display, delivering impressive colour accuracy and sharpness. 

Powerful Performance: With a robust processor under the hood, this iPad handles everything from productivity tasks to graphics-intensive apps with ease. 

iOS Excellence: Stay up to date with the latest iOS for iPads(now iPadOS) features, access the App Store, and enjoy a seamless user experience. 

Long Battery Life: Keep going all day with the iPad's exceptional battery life, ensuring you stay productive and entertained without interruption. 

Versatile Accessories: Enhance your iPad experience with optional accessories like the Apple Pencil for creative tasks and the Smart Keyboard for efficient typing. 

Certified Refurbished iPads: Our devices undergo rigorous inspection and refurbishment process by Apple experts, guaranteeing they meet Apple's stringent quality and performance standards. When you choose a certified refurbished iPad, you can expect: 

Like-New Condition: Each device is meticulously cleaned, tested, and refurbished to look and perform like new. 

Model Variety: Choose from various iPad models, including iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro, each with its own unique features and capabilities. 

Ample Storage: Select the storage capacity that suits your needs, from generous storage space for apps, media, and documents to more budget-friendly options. 


What's Included? 

Refurbished Apple iPad 

Charging Cable and Adapter 

Apple Certified Refurbished Warranty 


Discover the endless possibilities of a certified refurbished Apple iPad. Get yours today and embrace the world of Apple excellence without breaking the bank.

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Everything you need to know about
LOOP MOBILE and how it works.

How will my device be protected during the shipment ?

All our refurbished devices are shipped in their Loop-Mobile packaging. We quality check our packaging to offer great protection to your device in transit.

What accessories come with my device?

All our refurbished devices come with accessories including a cable and AC plug. These are compatible but not original to the manufacturer equipment.

What are our Grades

Our grades correspond to the state of external wear of our refurbished products. We have created a simplified and clear cosmetic classification system that precisely defines the grade of each device:

Pristine: like-new condition, flawless screen and body.

Very Good: Light scratches not visible at more than 12 inches. Screen may have light sign of wear, not visible when is in operation.

Good: Light but obvious scratches or dings visible on the screen and body.

Fair: Signs of use including potentially deep scratches and possible dents on the screen and body.

What is the battery health of my device?

We test all our batteries. They must reach at least 80% of their initial charging capacity to ensure the efficiency of your phone.

What is the warranty?

All our refurbished products have a 12 months warranty that covers all technical malfunctions but does not support accidental damage, water damage, loss or theft.

When will my order be dispatched?

All orders received before 1pm are shipped on the same day - You’ll receive your order before you know it! We use courier tracking numbers for every order, you will be able to follow your package from shipment to your door.

What is a refurbished device?

A refurbished device is a used device that has been tested and graded by our experts. We test 70 key features on each phone to provide you with the best quality.