• 75-point quality check

    All our devices undergo a grueling quality check, and include a healthy battery with at least 80% capacity.

  • Simple grading system

    Our simple cosmetic grading system from Pristine to Fair allows you to get the condition you want to pay for.

  • 6 million customers

    Thousands of happy customers keep telling us we gave them that 5-star feeling and gave us an 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot.’

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Want that new device feeling without the expense?

We take pre-loved devices like phones, tablets and watches and give them a makeover from the inside out.

We run over 75 intensive quality checks like testing wifi connectivity and checking the battery life - if we find anything that needs fixing, we use genuine manufacturer parts. Then we give it an overall grade, and finally put it in sustainable packaging made from recycled materials... all for a price that's up to 70% cheaper vs buying new!

And, because we manage the whole process, you can feel confident you’ll get nothing less than perfect quality.

Know the journey of your new device

At Loop Mobile, we recover pre-loved devices, give them a refresh in one of our multiple warehouses, and eventually revive them by giving them a second life when they reach the hands of their new owner.

And giving devices a second life is much better for the environment - guaranteed. We are the ONLY ones that can tell you exactly how much Co2 is saved for every device we sell since we own the whole process, offering complete confidence that your next tech decision is a sustainable one.

our sustainability efforts
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Trust in Loop

There are multiple reasons for you to trust Loop Mobile.

From our genuine manufacturer parts, to our 12-month warranty and 30-day returns period, we want to make sure you get the best experience possible before falling in love with your new device. Thousands of happy customers just keep telling us we gave them that five-star feeling

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Our grading guide

We go to extreme lengths during our refurbishment process, to make sure our devices look great, and work brilliantly.

Our devices vary a little in the way they look, but you can be sure they all work flawlessly. Learn more about our grades and what they mean for you. And why renewed, rather than new, is a bit of a no-brainer.

Our grades