• Optimal condition

    Most major manufacturers like Apple and Samsung consider any device with a battery capacity of 80% or above to be in optimal

  • Normal day-to-day use

    More than enough to keep you going through the day with normal use, meaning you can carry on chatting, gaming or watching videos to your heart's content

  • Guaranteed despite the grade

    All our devices meet or exceed this standard no matter the grade. In fact, some Pristine devices might even approach 100%

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Enjoy your device stress-free

At Loop, we take pre-loved devices and give them a make-over inside and out. We make sure that all our devices get nothing less than perfect quality. This includes their battery life - all our devices have a minimum of 80% battery capacity, which is more than you'll ever need to use your precious device throughout the day!

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Devices with 100% battery capacity

We also recognise that some of our customers might need that extra piece of mind. That's why we have also curated a selection of devices that include a brand new replacement battery, offering a full battery capacity of 100%.


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Extend your battery's life

Even though all our devices meet the standards, it’s important to regularly check your battery’s health to ensure it’s performing
optimally. You can even extend its life by dimming your brightness, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures & limiting location services.