Decoding Refurbished iPhones: Unveiling the Quality and Benefits

POSTED: Sep 12, 2023

When considering the purchase of a refurbished iPhone, it's important to understand the refurbishment process that these devices undergo. Refurbished smartphones are not simply used devices put back on the market. They are subject to a thorough refurbishment process which involves a series of steps aimed at restoring used or returned iPhones to a like-new condition.  

Understanding the Refurbishment Process – What happens? 

At Loop Mobile, we ensure that our refurbished iPhones go through a meticulous 70-point diagnostic checklist. It starts with a thorough inspection of the device to identify visible physical damage such as dents, scratches, or screen imperfections. Our skilled technicians assess any wear or damage, noting areas for repair or replacement. We conduct comprehensive functional testing to evaluate performance, including display quality, battery life, camera functionality, connectivity, and overall hardware operations. 

A refurbished Apple iPhone 7 being held by a hand with the screen unlocked

Once the initial inspection is complete, we diligently clean and polish the exterior of the refurbished iPhone to restore its original appearance, addressing any cosmetic imperfections. After this, we perform a final inspection to ensure the device's visual appeal meets our high standards. 

If we identify any components or parts that are damaged or faulty during evaluation, we proceed with repairs and replacements. Whether it's fixing a cracked screen, replacing a malfunctioning battery, or repairing a faulty camera, we use genuine Apple parts to maintain the device's quality and performance. Our commitment extends to updating the device to the latest compatible iOS version, installing essential software patches and updates to ensure optimal performance, security, and compatibility with the latest apps and services. 

Upon successfully passing our quality assurance process, the refurbished iPhone is carefully packaged and presented for sale, complete with necessary accessories like charging cables and adapters for a comprehensive user experience. 

Quality Assurance Measures  

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of Loop Mobile's refurbished devices. Our adherence to industry guidelines ensures that our refurbished iPhones meet or exceed the expected standards. Throughout our testing process, we conduct quality checks to verify the success of repairs, replacements, and optimisations. Our technicians retest each device to ensure that identified issues have been effectively addressed. We meticulously test hardware features such as display, touch responsiveness, buttons, speakers, microphone, cameras, sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. We also ensure that the device operates smoothly by updating it to the latest compatible iOS version. Each component is scrutinised to meet required performance standards, ensuring a top-tier experience for our customers. 

Reliability of Refurbished iPhones 

When you choose a refurbished iPhone from Loop Mobile, rest assured that your concerns about physical condition, reliability, and longevity are addressed comprehensively. Our refurbishment process aims to minimise cosmetic imperfections, but minor signs of wear may remain. In instances where the iPhone's screen is cracked, damaged, or malfunctioning, we replace it with a genuine Apple screen. Battery concerns are also taken seriously – our reputable refurbishment process often involves battery replacement or ensuring battery performance meets specific standards. While battery capacity may naturally decline over time, proper maintenance, such as avoiding extreme charging, can extend its lifespan. We take pride in offering older generation iPhones a renewed lease on life through meticulous inspection, repair protocols, and quality assurance. 

One person is holding a refurbished iPhone with another person pointing towards it.

Warranty and After Sales Support 

Refurbished iPhone sellers typically offer different warranty options to provide customers with assurance and protection for their purchases. The specific warranty options may vary depending on the refurbisher and the device's condition. Here at Loop Mobile, all our refurbished products are backed-up by a warranty that can go up to 12 months from the date of purchase. It covers all technical malfunctions but like the majority of sellers warranties it does not support accidental damage, water damage, loss, or theft. Other sellers may offer other types or warranty. The most common options are: 

Limited Warranty: This warranty typically covers specific defects in materials or workmanship that may arise during a specified period, such as 90 days or up to a year. 

Extended Warranty: An extended warranty may extend the coverage period or provide additional benefits, such as covering accidental damage or offering expedited repair services. 

Manufacturer Warranty: In certain cases, refurbished iPhones may still have remaining warranty coverage from the original manufacturer. This is more common with iPhones that are relatively new or have been refurbished by an authorised service provider. 

Third-Party Warranty Providers: These third-party warranties may have their own terms, conditions, and claim processes. If a third-party warranty is offered, carefully review the details, and ensure that it aligns with your requirements. 

No Warranty or Sold "As Is": In some cases, refurbished iPhone sellers may offer devices without any warranty or explicitly state that the devices are sold "as is." These devices are typically priced lower, but they come with a higher level of risk, as any issues or defects will not be covered under warranty. 

We provide not only warranty coverage but also after-sales technical support for any issues you encounter with your refurbished iPhone. Our technical support teams are dedicated to assisting you through troubleshooting steps or identifying the root cause of any problems. 

Cost Savings and Value Proposition 

At Loop Mobile, we take pride in the significant cost savings offered by our refurbished iPhones compared to brand-new devices. On average, our refurbished iPhones are priced at around 20% lower or more than their brand-new counterparts. For example, a brand-new Apple iPhone 13 Mini with 256GB of storage could cost you £679, whereas a refurbished model with the same storage capacity starts from only £499 at Loop Mobile. 

Refurbished iPhones are typically graded based on their condition, ranging from excellent to fair. Devices in excellent condition will generally be priced higher than those with minor signs of wear. The price may vary depending on the device's cosmetic appearance and functionality. The availability and demand for specific models or configurations can also influence the price difference. Devices that are in high demand or limited supply may have a smaller price difference compared to more readily available options. 

iPhones, like any electronic device, experience depreciation in value over time. By purchasing a refurbished iPhone, you are taking advantage of the initial depreciation that occurs when the device is first sold as new. 

Environmental Benefits 

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and at Loop Mobile we recognise the growing need for environmentally conscious choices. Smartphones are an environmental nightmare, as building every new phone requires the polluting extraction of irreplaceable elements like gold, cobalt or lithium. Not only this, but the production and transportation of brand-new electronic devices require a lot of energy and emits greenhouse gases, which are the main cause of global warming and climate change. Our devices help reduce the demand for new device production. 

The average user switches phone every two years without recycling the retired device. And most discarded smartphones unfortunately end up in landfills, which has a catastrophic effect on the planet. Electronic waste in landfills can release toxic chemicals into the environment and contaminate groundwater.  

Electronics and smartphones contain precious metals, such as gold, silver, copper, and palladium, which can be recovered by recycling them. By recycling electronics, we can conserve natural resources, reduce the need for mining. By doing something as simple as recycling your old phone you are actively participating in striving for a more sustainable planet. And to help, many phone manufacturers and retailers have programs in place to help recycle old phones. 

Every refurbished iPhone you choose for Loop Mobile is a step toward a greener future. So, whether it be the cost savings or the environmental aspect, opting for a refurbished device as opposed to a brand new one is a smart choice. Not only would you be helping to reduce environmental damage, but also the financial dent to your wallet. A win-win!