Refurbished Products for Everyone

POSTED: Oct 19, 2022
Owning an Apple device can be accessible to everyone. Find out about how refurbished tech brings down, otherwise expensive and exclusive tech brands, to your spending capacity.

Our brand has not only changed physically; we have rethought how we do business on all fronts. One of Loop's most important, if not the most important pillar, is to become the venue that puts affordable technology in your hands.

We know that in the past 10 years, Apple has dominated the cellphone realm with its uniquely desirable device aesthetic, trendy and minimalistic marketing designs, and its ecosystem's restrictiveness, marking a clear distinction in hardware and software from the rest that other brands use.

If I take you further back in time, I will have to tell you that since 2007, Apple has released over 20 models of iPhone into the world. So it should come as no surprise that over 900 million people today own an iPhone. That’s like… 1/8th of our planet’s population!

people with iPhones

Apple has become a staple of style and trendiness that everyone’s eyes (even the haters) are always on the lookout for what is new and when will it be released.

Back in the day when trading in your device for a newer model was not imaginable, acquiring Apple computers, for example, was a very expensive transaction. Only people with that kind of power of acquisition could brag about owning the technology.

But hey, it has been linked to a certain standard, so that even if you couldn’t afford it, many would willingly fall into significant debt, or blow their savings just to be a proud Apple device owner. I include myself in this category of people.

trendy friends taking a selfie with their iPhone 13

But the world has evolved quickly—sometimes too quickly to catch up, and this is how our founders came up with Loop Mobile. By then, trade-in strategies were put in place not only by the brand but also by phone carriers all over the world.

In a recent poll on the purchasing behavior of iPhones in the United States, 51% will upgrade to the new model as soon as it is released. Does this mean that last year’s model is now obsolete?


How good is a refurbished product compared to a new one?

Let’s look at some facts:

According to ZDNET, your iPhone has been designed to last 3 years (my mom will argue that they last for 5 since she is still using her iPhone 7, against my nagging to upgrade), before the battery becomes an issue (you can check your battery’s health by using a Mac app called coconutBattery3) before it starts becoming obsolete.

If this is true, and if people are trading in their one-year-old model that still functions perfectly, if the new model is not that much better in its capabilities, and if you do not own an Apple device because of how expensive they can be, then refurbished is the way to go!

introducing refurbishedd iPhone 13

Accessible Tech for Everyone

This is what Loop Mobile promises our customers. Our products are cheaper than buying new because we know that a single-income household, cannot afford to purchase a brand-new iPad so children can learn and study, a new computer, so you can work, or a new iPhone so you can enjoy it, but you can afford these products if you invest in refurbished tech.

We have breached the gap between you and the trendiest, most buzzed-about, best-all-around tech products. This was our goal, and we are not only proving to the world that anyone can have an iPhone, but that everyone who wants one should!

You can browse our product catalog and start shopping, because what was once a dream, Loop has made it a reality.