Sustainability and climate change: what Loop Mobile is doing to help

POSTED: Jul 13, 2022

The consequences of global warming are becoming increasingly devastating with each passing year. technology landfills are greatly affecting our planet.

Global warming and climate change are environmental issues that are constantly making headlines these days. The Secretary-General of the United Nations stresses the IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) insistence that it is a crucial requirement for all countries to act by reducing their fossil fuel emissions, turn to sustainable alternatives, improve energy efficiency and boost the production and use of alternative fuels, such as hydrogen.  Governments around the world have made pledges to decrease their carbon footprint, but everyday people like you and me can also make an impact on our planet’s health by taking actions to become more sustainable in our day-to-day lives.


We Need to Act Now

The consequences of global warming are becoming increasingly devastating with each passing year. Landfills, technology landfills, extraction of minerals, environmental impact, gas emissions, and technology waste are only some of our greatest concerns.

Technologies that connect the world, like cellphones, laptops, tablets, and wrist bracelets and watches, are huge consumers of many rare metals and minerals, along with gold and silver, among others, and the extraction of these minerals used to produce these devices has created a huge impact on ecosystems and contributes to the climate crisis at hand.

Not only is the production of these devices impacting negatively on our planet's well-being, but their disposal is even more alarming.

With the fast demand for developing new versions of phones, tablets, and computers, we are creating a massive waste problem that is currently being handled by disposing of these products into enormous landfills that burn and send harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere. Most of these landfills are illegal. We need to act now.


Impact of E-Waste

The average person changes smartphones every two years, and 77% of these discarded devices are still operational. As mobile devices become more disposable, and according to a recent study by UN-Water, around 7 million tons of electronic waste end up in landfills every year. This is leading to serious environmental issues, including water contamination and soil erosion. So, in the grand scheme of things, we are contributing to the generation of over 50 million tons of e-waste per year. According to World Count, this equals to disposing of 1000 laptops per second!

E-Waste throws into our atmosphere toxic chemicals such as Arsenic, Mercury, Chromium, Beryllium, Lead Cadmium, Furans... and because E-waste is extremely pollutant, studies of the soil of the Chinese e-waste site “Guiyu” is currently recording some of the worst concentrations of heavy metal toxicity in the world. The water samples in this area contained 2,400 times more toxic levels of led concidered safe for everyday consumption.

Let's not forget the immediate human impact. Many children work in these African and Asian landfills, breathing the toxic air, developing damage to central and peripheral nervous systems, damaged organs (lungs, liver, kidneys), and death. Not to mention the alarming birth defect ratio among the population that resides near these landfills or those who work on them.


Refurbished Devices and Sustainability

  • Purchasing refurbished electronics reduces the impact of labor and production. Not only will buying refurbished help diminish the amount of waste needed to be disposed of. It will also reduce the labor needed for this process.
  • Prevents harmful chemicals and toxins from further polluting the air and soil, and ultimately grants the earth a chance to heal.
  • The demand for raw materials decreases. By buying a pre-owned phone, you are contributing to the reduction of demand for new models, thus decreasing the demand for raw material extraction that is destroying habitats.
  • Buying refurbished technology can reduce our carbon footprint significantly. This initiative aims to promote sustainability through technology while also providing consumers with affordable devices that help in cutting down on clutter while avoiding the accumulation of unnecessary e-waste in landfills.


How is Loop a Sustainable Solution

Did you know that only around 5% of all refurbished were defective when purchased? Well, according to a study by Blue & Green Tomorrow, this is true for 2022 stats.

With that in mind, Loop has developed a business plan that combines the need for electronic devices, with the goal of becoming sustainable.

We have partnered up with the biggest names in the industry, to bring our customers the best and most coveted technology out there. We test our devices and certify them, as well as provide a one-year warranty upon purchase.

Our goal is to inspire more and more people to come together and rethink their purchase motivations, thus creating a community engaged in doing its part to save our planet.

Tips on Helping Your Refurbished Devices Last Longer

Tips on making your devices last longer include keeping them out of extreme temperatures. A smartphone or laptop can overheat when left in a parked car, so be sure to turn off your phone or tablet if you’re going to be leaving it in a hot vehicle for a long period of time. Also, avoid putting computers, phones, and tablets in areas with high humidity because those elements can cause permanent damage. For example, don’t store electronics inside bathroom cabinets that tend to get steamy from hot showers.

Another important tip for tablets and smartphones is buying a resistant case that protects the body of your device.

Additional tips:

  1. Don't skip software updates
  2. Delete unused apps to avoid slowing down the phone or draining the battery
  3. Keep your screens and ports clean
  4. Buy from a reputable source that will guarantee delivery of a great product