The Sustainability Edge

POSTED: Oct 31, 2023
Loop Mobile’s New Look Packaging

Everyone claims to be ‘green’ these days, but unlike most device refurbishing companies, being green is genuinely at the heart of everything we do at Loop Mobile. Our whole business is based on saving tech from landfills and giving it a second life—it's what we do!

All our processes are designed to cut as much CO2, water usage, and e-waste as possible. In fact, in the past 3 years, our customers have saved over 315 tons of CO2 emissions, 12 billion gallons of water, and prevented over 820,000kg of e-waste from hitting landfills and oceans. All thanks to giving over 4.6 million devices a new home.

So, you can see why it was so important to us that our packaging was eco-friendly too. And it is. We’re proud to say that Loop Mobile products come in packaging that’s made from 100% recyclable materials, is 100% sustainable, and is completely planet-friendly. And it looks good, too.

Sustainability wherever, whenever

And we don’t stop with packaging either. In our everyday lives there are so many things we can do to be as eco-friendly as possible, but here are our 5 everyday favourites.

1. Meal planning cuts food waste:

It’s too easy to get that quick takeaway or grab that ready meal; unfortunately, it usually means food at the back of the fridge goes off and gets thrown away. Simply by sticking to a meal plan or freezing meal batches, we can save the 2.5 billion tonnes of food that goes to waste every year across the world.

2. Eat more plant-based food:

Changing our diet can help too. Saving on the export and production of meat by just having one plant-based meal a week can have a huge impact. You might be surprised to know it’ll save 100kg of CO2 a year! So, say hello to meatless Mondays or steak-free Sundays.

3. Compost - the next big thing:

Times are changing, and compost isn’t just for those with green fingers or grandparents anymore. Not only is it great for plants and vegetables, it’s also really good for the environment. Setting up your own compost heap or bin stops the waste from going to landfills, where it would produce methane, which is 30 times stronger than CO2 in its global warming impact.

4. Walk, walk, and walk again:

It’s no surprise, really. We all know walking is good for reducing air pollution, but it also has some other positive advantages too. Cutting down on public transport, for instance, avoids emissions, which reduces the damaging climate change impact, which improves biodiversity. Put simply, plants don’t like climate change. And the less traffic there is, the less noise pollution there is too. Also, by walking, we improve our health. And the more people walk, the more need there is for green spaces and walkways.

5. Keep reducing plastic:

We all know to take reusable shopping bags and water bottles, but there are other plastic items we can cut down on too. Just like bamboo toothbrushes. If we follow guidelines from dentists and change our toothbrushes every three months, then that might mean as many as 23 billion toothbrushes. Imagine the impact plastic toothbrushes have compared to bamboo ones.

Making simple choices can make a huge difference to the environment. This is why at Loop, we’re making green choices, one device at a time—and, you know, I mean it.

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