Unlike other companies, we’re in control of the whole cycle! So we know exactly how much CO2 you save for every single device - something other sellers can only estimate!

Ready to discover your next high-quality pre-loved phone?

Discover High-Quality Refurbished iPhones Collection - Amazing Deals Await! We offer a wide range of refurbished iPhones with a 12-month warranty and free 30-day returns.

We also offer a wide selection of Apple Watches at up to 60% off and Apple Accessories at up to 70% off. In addition, they have a vast selection of refurbished MacBooks and iPads.

Loop Mobile UK is committed to reducing carbon emissions, saving water resources, and reducing e-waste by offering a sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging for their refurbished devices. We also test over 75 different hardware and software features to ensure that the device is 100% functional before selling them. If you’re looking for a quality refurbished iPhone at a competitive price, Loop Mobile UK is the perfect place to start your search.

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Everything you need to know about
LOOP MOBILE and how it works.

What is the warranty?

All our refurbished products have a 12-month warranty that covers all technical malfunctions but does not support accidental damage, water damage, loss or theft. Dyson products include a 12-month warranty direct from Dyson.

What are our grades?

Our grades correspond to the state of external wear of our refurbished products. We have created a simplified and clear cosmetic classification system that precisely defines the grade of each device:

Pristine: like-new condition, flawless screen and body.

Very Good: Light scratches not visible at more than 12 inches. Screen may have light sign of wear, not visible when is in operation.

Good: Light but obvious scratches or dings visible on the screen and body.

Fair: Signs of use including potentially deep scratches and possible dents on the screen and body.

How will my device be protected during the shipment?

All our refurbished devices are shipped in their Loop Mobile packaging. We quality check our packaging to offer great protection to your device in transit.