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Refurbished Apple Watch Series 8

Introducing the refurbished Apple Watch Series 8 – your opportunity to experience the best of Apple's smartwatch technology at an unbeatable price. This certified refurbished watch combines style, functionality, and savings for the perfect companion to your active and connected lifestyle. 

Upgrade Your Wrist with a Refurbished Apple Watch Series 8

Stylish Design: The Apple Watch Series 8’s iconic design is both elegant and practical, with a variety of case materials, finishes, and bands to suit your style. 

Retina Display: Enjoy the clarity and sharpness of the Retina display, making it easy to read messages, track workouts, and navigate apps. 

Health and Fitness: Monitor your heart rate, track your workouts, measure your progress, and stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals. 

Customisable Watch Faces: Personalise your watch with a range of watch faces, from classic to fun and dynamic, to suit your mood and needs. 

Water Resistance: The watch is water-resistant, making it suitable for workouts and outdoor activities. 

Long Battery Life: With efficient power management, the Apple Watch offers all-day battery life. 

Always-On Retina: Display is brighter and clearer than ever, with a crack-resistant glass and dust and water resistance. 

Temperature Sensing: Provides insights into women’s health, such as menstrual cycle tracking and fertility window prediction. 

Crash Detection and Fall Detection: Automatically call emergency services and notify your emergency contacts if you need help. 

Apple Fitness+: access to hundreds of workouts led by world-class trainers, with personalised recommendations and metrics. 

GPS and cellular connectivity: Stay connected without your iPhone, so you can make calls, send texts, stream music, and use maps. 


Certified Refurbished: 

Our certified refurbished Apple Watches undergo a rigorous inspection and refurbishment process, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. When you choose a certified refurbished Apple Watch Series 8, you can expect: 

Like-New Condition: Each watch is meticulously cleaned, tested to look and perform like new. 

Savings: Get all the advantages of an Apple Watch Series 8 at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new model. 

What's Included? 

Refurbished Apple Watch 

Magnetic Charging Cable 

USB Power Adapter 


Discover the countless ways the Apple Watch Series 8 can enhance your daily life. Stay connected, stay healthy, and stay stylish.  

Apple's Watch History 

2015: Apple Watch (1st Generation)
- In April 2015, Apple launched its first smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 0. It introduced a revolutionary design, a variety of interchangeable bands, and a range of functionalities, including fitness tracking, notifications, and apps, marking Apple's entry into the wearable technology market.

2016: Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2
- Apple unveiled the Series 1 and Series 2 in September 2016. Series 1 featured upgraded internals, while Series 2 introduced water resistance and built-in GPS, enhancing its capabilities for fitness and outdoor activities.

2017: Apple Watch Series 3
- The Series 3, released in September 2017, brought significant advancements, including cellular connectivity, allowing users to make calls, send messages, and stream music directly from their watch, even when away from their iPhone.

2018: Apple Watch Series 4
- September 2018 saw the launch of the Series 4, featuring a larger display with thinner bezels, an electrocardiogram (ECG) feature for monitoring heart health, and improved sensors for better fitness tracking accuracy.

2019: Apple Watch Series 5
- The Series 5, introduced in September 2019, retained most of the Series 4's features but added an Always-On Retina display, allowing users to glance at their watch without needing to raise their wrists to wake the screen.

2020: Apple Watch Series 6 and SE
- In September 2020, Apple unveiled the Series 6 with enhancements in health tracking, including blood oxygen monitoring, faster charging, and an improved always-on altimeter. Simultaneously, the more affordable Apple Watch SE was introduced, offering many features of the Series 6 at a lower price point.

2021: Apple Watch Series 7
- The Series 7, launched in September 2021, featured a larger and more durable display, faster charging, and improved durability. Its design had softer, more rounded corners, and enhanced durability features.

Throughout its iterations, the Apple Watch has evolved from a smart wearable focused on notifications and fitness tracking to a sophisticated health and lifestyle companion. Its continuous improvements in design, functionality, health tracking, and connectivity have solidified its place as a leading smartwatch in the market. Each new series has built upon the strengths of its predecessor, refining features and introducing innovations that cater to users' diverse needs.

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    October 12, 2023

    Let's Stop E-waste!


    Let's Stop E-waste!

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Everything you need to know about
LOOP MOBILE and how it works.

How will my device be protected during the shipment ?

All our refurbished devices are shipped in their Loop-Mobile packaging. We quality check our packaging to offer great protection to your device in transit.

What accessories come with my device?

All our refurbished devices come with accessories including a cable and AC plug. These are compatible but not original to the manufacturer equipment.

What are our Grades

Our grades correspond to the state of external wear of our refurbished products. We have created a simplified and clear cosmetic classification system that precisely defines the grade of each device:

Pristine: like-new condition, flawless screen and body.

Very Good: Light scratches not visible at more than 12 inches. Screen may have light sign of wear, not visible when is in operation.

Good: Light but obvious scratches or dings visible on the screen and body.

Fair: Signs of use including potentially deep scratches and possible dents on the screen and body.

What is the battery health of my device?

We test all our batteries. They must reach at least 80% of their initial charging capacity to ensure the efficiency of your phone.

What is the warranty?

All our refurbished products have a 12 months warranty that covers all technical malfunctions but does not support accidental damage, water damage, loss or theft.

When will my order be dispatched?

All orders received before 1pm are shipped on the same day - You’ll receive your order before you know it! We use courier tracking numbers for every order, you will be able to follow your package from shipment to your door.

What is a refurbished device?

A refurbished device is a used device that has been tested and graded by our experts. We test 70 key features on each phone to provide you with the best quality.